An Inspirational Summer Experience Awaits!

Summer’s Best 2 Weeks (SB2W) at Lebanon Church is the highlight of the summer for youth, offering a mix of sports, creative activities, and spiritual growth, rooted in Evangelical Presbyterian values. Our camp, situated on the church grounds, is designed to foster skills, teamwork, and faith.

Activities That Build Character:

From team sports like soccer and basketball to crafts and outdoor adventures, SB2W encourages healthy competition and creativity.

Deepening Faith:

We integrate daily Bible studies and teachings to cultivate young hearts and minds in Christ’s love, emphasizing our motto: “God first, others second, I’m Third.”

Be a Part of Our Community:

We invite young campers to join us for these transformative weeks. Opportunities for older students to serve as junior counselors or join the work crew are also available, enriching their leadership skills and community service experiences.

Sign Up Today:

For more information on registration and program details, please visit our website or call us at 412-466-7184.

Secure your spot for a summer filled with growth, fun, and faith at SB2W

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