Church Life

Internal Committees within our church

Christian Education

The goal of Christian Education is to educate children, youth and adults about the Bible, the Word of God. We want all to know what the Bible teaches, to believe the Gospel and to live it. We pray that through the Bible Studies and Sunday School, people will come to have a personal relationship with our savior, Jesus; will desire to serve God; and will develop Godly character to help persevere through difficult times.

We accomplish these goals through weekly Bible Study for adults. Additionally, we are currently working on bringing back preschool through youth Sunday School. Also, we continue to hold a community Vacation Bible School each summer for younger students, and Summer’s Best Two Weeks for older students.

Through Christian Education at Lebanon, we hope all will come to a better understanding of God the Father, God the Son and God the holy spirit and to develop a discerning spirit.


The Mission Committee’s primary focus is to support the Lebanon Church’s Vision and Process. By providing opportunities for the congregation and family/friends to share God’s word, serve others locally, nationally, and internationally, and experience spiritual growth through Mission Activities. As well as train ourselves to share the gospel and our testimony to make it easier to share in our daily lives.

Church and Property

The Church and Property Committee is responsible for the care and upkeep of the church building and grounds. It meets periodically to plan and schedule projects. It will oversee and maintain the church property and grounds through the care, repair, and maintenance of all church property, equipment, and landscaping of the church.

Handyman qualities are needed to maintain the upkeep of the church and are valued in our volunteers. If you are looking for a way to serve your church and have skills to offer, please join us in providing a safe and well-maintained property to enjoy. If you feel called to serve on the Church and Property Committee, please contact Holly Galioto at 412-466-7184.

Worship and Music

Our Worship and Music team works diligently to create a welcoming atmosphere for all in a beautifully appointed sanctuary. You will be inspired to worship God in an atmosphere where there is a variety of musical expression by choir and praise video. Prayer, both corporate and individual, are offered and encouraged, and a prayer chain is available as well. You are invited to join us each Sunday morning for worship and fellowship in the Lord.


The fellowship committee is committed to finding ways for the visible church, (Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus), to spend meaningful time together. We accomplish these goals in times of laughter & socializing as we gather together before worship service; time spent having fun at the annual church picnic; times of good conversation & food at our Snack & Chat events; and times we come together for crafting events that serve a purpose of ministering to our community through our creative process of creating crafts and spreading the word of God. We look forward to spending time building up our brothers and sisters in faith during various fellowship events.

Finance and Stewardship

Christian Stewardship is the use of God-given resources for the accomplishment of God-given goals. It refers to the responsibility that Christians have in maintaining and using wisely the gifts that God has given us.

The finance and stewardship committee does this by creating a budget for supporting the mission and vision of Lebanon Church and then developing and carry out plans to manage the offerings the church receives to fulfill that vision. The resources we receive are used to create a safe, welcoming place where people can hear the word of God through worship, learn about the word of God through bible studies and youth camps, and spread the word of God through mission programs locally and globally.


The nominating committee’s responsibility is to fill the Elder, Deacon, and Auditor positions each year. First and foremost, we pray for God’s guidance during this process and encourage members to pray for God to help them understand how their talents can be used to spread the word of God.


The membership committee records all actions regarding church membership including the church roles, new members, baptisms, weddings, deaths and transfers. We also send notes and cards to various church members throughout the year. As members of Lebanon, we are part of the family of God and make every effort to take care of this church family.