Every Sunday from 6-8pm join us at Lebanon Church for games, food and a lesson taught by our Student Ministry staff and volunteers. This weekly event is a great place to come and have fun with friends and spend time with other students. Youth Group is open to anyone in grades 6-12 membership at this or any other church is not a requirement. We provide lessons for students of all backgrounds to enable them to build a relationship with God, wether it is a first time relationship or a continued relationship. After each lesson students break off into small groups to discuss and apply what they just learned to their own life. 

Senior High and Junior High Students have the opportunity to participates in many Lebanon Student Ministry events. Every fall the Senior High takes a weekend retreat to Laurelville, In the spring we go to Teen Quest, and we have many other one day and over night events. These events are the only time you may see a cost to participate, we want to make sure everyone who wants to attend has the opportunity which is why we offer fundraisers to help cost the cost. 

This Months Parent Cue: