Day Two - Construction / Village & Rehab Ministry

Our second full day in Mexico was spent starting the mission and ministry we came here for. Yesterday we set the stage to spread the word and share our gifts, and today we got to jump right into it with both feet. 

Our construction crew went to Miguel's house and started and finished his roof. He was very appreciative as we finished and prayed for him and his family. The new roof will keep his family dry from rain and sturdy in high winds. 

Upon completion of Miguel's roof we then headed over to Guadalupe's house to begin laying the joists and supports for the new roof. Marcelo, Dave , and Zack were able to get the framing completed on the worse of the two sides. The site is ready for our crew to return tomorrow and finish installing the metal roof on the whole house.

Some of the group was able to travel to the state of Baja California to take a look at some local shops for gifts and souvenirs. When both groups reported back to Oasis we all went to the Special Center For Women (a women's rehab center) where we made a craft with the clients. Leslie lead a devotion around the craft which was a paper candle that can clip to your bible, centered around 'this little light of mine'. We spent about an hour with the clients and then came back for a delicious thanksgiving dinner (not turkey, but Chile Relleno) cooked by Isabella before heading out to do village ministry in the town.

Please continue to keep our group in your prayers as we continue to pray for you!  

A word from Carrie (2nd Trip to Mexico):

Day two at Oasis as the men went off to fix roofs in the morning Adalberto took the women shopping in Baja Mexico.  It was a great day for the girls as Jenna and Leeann had never experienced this before.  Busy busy shopping area lined with homemade crafts, leather goods, pottery and jewelry.  We had fun searching for souvenirs for our loved ones back at home.  When we arrived back at Oasis Zack and Pastor Dave were already there and had completed one roof and had another almost completed.  The roofs were smaller and not sturdy enough for more than two of us so we sent the men!  We then went to the women’s rehab center to do a craft, sing a song and Adalberto preached.  I am not going to lie at first it was a bit intimidating for me at least, seeing the women some as young as 15 and some looked like they might have had a very bad day.  The intimidation and fear quickly melted away once we began the craft we took to do with them.  We preached and sang the song this little light of mine to remind them that the only light that matters in the one that Jesus puts in your heart to spread the good news.  It’s a good thing we are on a mission trip and not a choral tour.  (our singing ability and harmony/melody is one only God could love definitely.)  I went to the table to make crafts with the girls and instantly had new friends and they made me feel like I had been there with them forever.  Please keep them and us in your prayers as we continue on our journey through the rest of the week.